Political opposition is best served chilled, in a Heineken bottle

Heineken get a thumbs up for its ability to produce a politically motivated advert which is respectful to views from across the political spectrum.

Heineken’s advert, created by Publicis London, resists the trend to demean views which conflict with what can be described as the progressive liberal agenda. It has chosen to do politics without preaching what is right or wrong.

It is a refreshing approach in a climate of politically charged advertising which usually takes aim at Brexit or Donald Trump. See Diesel and Spotify for examples.

Who hasn’t had the experience of putting the world to rights over a beer with someone on ‘the other side’? It is the way most of us have face-to-face political debate in the real world.

The only people this will not appeal to are those who feel opposing views should be shut down and fear that Heineken’s social experiment advert normalises ‘the wrong view’. The brand needn’t worry about this vocal minority.